Not to be missed

Discovering the hidden treasures of Bergamo and the surrounding countryside at the foothills of the Alps. Guided tours to uncover the city and historical boroughs rising above the plains of Lombardy, the enchanting valleys and the romantic nearby lake of Iseo.

Bergamo, my town
A journey through art and history

Old town
Discover the charm of its medieval streets

Enjoy the charming upper town (Città Alta) of Bergamo with its winding narrow medieval streets and the majestic towers that guard the 2,500 year-old historical centre, at the heart of which you’ll find the reinassance square Piazza Vecchia and the palaces that overlook it. Discover the romanesque Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore with its treasure trove of art; the Colleoni Chapel, a jewel of the renaissance architecture where the famous bergamasque Lord of war is buried. Cap your visit with a walk to the Rocca, the fortress built by the Visconti in the 1300s and enjoy the astonishing view of the rooftops and towers of Città Alta.

All the above stands within the protective circle of  a magnificent ancient Wall built by the Venetians and recently protected by a Unesco World Heritage listing. Just inside the Walls, a shady pathway of horse chestnuts runs right around the old town with abundant gardens and vineyards.This amazing fortification boasts bastions, underground bunkers, and four impressive stone city gates.

The lower town
The beating heart of Bergamo

Considered a scar on the city landscape at the time of construction, now they represent the most important city land mark: a beautifully preserved area, still very much lived in and enjoyed daily by the citizens  and visitors who walk there. From these Venetian Walls and enchanting terraces overlooking the Lombardy plain, we’ll make our way to the Città Bassa (the lower town), the beating heart of the city, in which 20th century modern architecture  lives together with renaissance and baroque churches, lush noble mansions of the historical boroughs and the amazing Accademia Carrara Art Gallery.

Bergamo and the territory around offer much more than a simple journey through art and history: they provide also a delicious culinary experience! Sample the 9 PDO cheeses, the fine wine production of Valcalepio (red and white), the Moscato di Scanzo ( “passito” wine) exclusive and limited production, and the traditional fresh filled pasta called Casoncelli and Scarpinocc.

Bergamo is known as The city of the Thousand (a historical reference to Garibaldi’s local followers), but we could better say that Bergamo encompasses a thousand cities!