Bergamo is Historical Boroughs

Bergamo and its Province deliver a priceless historical-architectural heritage to visitors. Several ancient and perfectly preserved villages with wondeful traditional stone architecture, extraordinary examples of integration between man and nature.

What are the Historical Boroughs itineraries?

Imagna Valley
In the upper valley you can find typical Italian vistas with rustic dwellings still showing their ancient origins when mountain folk created their own homes using ancient building techniques. The best of these are: The Arnosto Borough, probably the best preserved. Ca’ Roncaglia and ca’ Berizzi, which have been recently restored, are also two beautiful and romantic spots. Almenno san Bartolomeo, winner of the Touring Orange Flag is in the list of the nicest Italian Historical Boroughs.

Brembana valley
Clanezzo, a medieval village, is set at the junction point between three valleys (Brembana, Brembilla and Imagna) and two rivers (Imagna and Brembo). Place to visit: the Attone bridge, the river port, the water mill, the castle and the hammer. Cornello dei Tasso: an incredibly well preserved medieval hamlet, considered one of the most beautiful in Italy and birthplace of the famous Tasso family (dating back to the 13th cent.). The Tassos were the inventors of the modern postal system. The hamlet is connected to the borough of Oneta through the medieval commercial route named Via Mercatorum. In Oneta you can visit Arlequin house.

Seriana valley
The town of Clusone, crowned by the Orobian Pre Alps, boasts a city centre rich of artistic and historical heritage: noble palaces with elegant stone portals, the 11th century city hall frescoed facade, the medieval tower that houses the 1500s planetarium clock, the baroque Basilica of Santa Maria Assunta, the original Dance Macabre frescoed on the facade of the Oratorio of Disciplini. The village of Gromo, called the “small Toledo” was famous for centuries for the production of swords and for other iron manufactures. If you are around at Easter time don’t miss the traditional Good Friday night procession. These itineraries are perfect for those who want to learn historic local traditions and experience atmospheres from past times. Simple life, labour, old crafts: in these picturesque hamlets you can feel and relive a bygone era in an uncomparable natural setting.

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Pictures of historical boroughs