Bergamo is Unesco World Heritage.

Two out of the fifty three Italian UNESCO World Heritage sites are in the Province of Bergamo and this is a matter of great pride as well as international recognition for the city. The Company Town of Crespi d’Adda got this important recognition in 1995, while the Fortified City of Bergamo (Walls), part of the transnational serial Unesco site named “Venetian works of defence between 15th and 17th century”, obtained its prestigious aknowledgement in 2017.

Which are the Unesco itineraries

The first one I recommend is certainly the Walls: they are the heart of the Unesco site and the most impressive landmark of the city that create an important distinction between the upper and lower city.
The tour I offer takes the visitors along the Walls built at the end of the 1500s to discover the four city gates, the underground bunkers and the historical and curious facts hidden behind this massive fortification. Along this route, a walk beloved by the bergamasque people, we’ll admire the enchanting views of the lower city and plains and as well as peeking into the green belt of gardens, vineyards and vegetable plots just below the Walls.

The second itinerary takes us along the shores of the Adda river, a peaceful waterway, also loved by Leonardo da Vinci for its fascinating glimpses and intense colours of its landscape. Here the Company Town of Crespi was established in the 19th century, a workers paradise, inteneded by the “enlightened” enterpreneur Benigno Crespi to be an ideal village for workers to live in.
We’ll tour the completely preserved village, still inhabited by the heirs of those lucky textile workers who, beside a job, could find here a place “thought” and built according to their needs and gave them a high standard of living for those times. Incredibily the village included not ony the factory, but schools, kindergarten, medical clinic, infirmary, swimming-pool (!), church, firehouse, hot water public washtub and cemetery: Crespi was extremely modern for the time!

Why do i suggest the Unesco itineraries?

For different reasons the two Unesco sites suggested represent something truly unique.

  • Every itinerary can be tailor made and modified according to the customer needs.
  • Private transport available on request.
Pictures of the fortified city, Bergamo Walls.