Bergamo is The Lakes area

Bergamo may be primarily known for its hills top landscapes but water also plays an important role in its geography and especially its Lakes! Infact, beside the number of tiny lakes scattered around our mountains two main bodies of water characterise our land: Lake Iseo and Lake Endine, both of glacial origin. These two lakes create environmental areas of great importance not only due to their natural beauty, but are relaxing spots because of their balmy climate and their artistic and scenic nature trails not to mention the great sailing and fishing. The tiny Lake Endine has abundant wildlife which finds sanctuary, within its reed beds and woodlands, while Lake Iseo is known for its ancient and picturesque lakeside villages.

What are the lakes itineraries?

On the first tour we’ll explore the lakeside towns of Lovere and Sarnico, on the bergamasque shore, and Iseo, an enchanting port village on the opposite shore. We’ll also visit the island of Monteisola, a car-free, gem set in the middle of the lake, a place of amazing beauty and peace with some enticing fish restaurants.

A tour of the old monasteries of the Franciacorta is another option offered: the precious little Monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa, overlooking the Natural Pit Reserve of Lake Iseo and the Olivetan Abbey of Rodengo Saiano, with its cloisters and the baroque church.

It’s always possible to include in these itineraries a visit and tasting of a Franciacorta winery, since this is after the place known throughout the wine world as the most famous area for the production of  Italian “bollicine” (sparkling white wine). The “bollicine” are made according to the “Classic method”, used to produce French champagne, where a second fermentation takes place in the bottle to produce a stream of lively bubbles. Delicious! This area is situated between Brescia and Lake Iseo: rolling hills covered by wineyards littered with historical palaces, monasteries, graceful mansions, historical boroughs and castles.

Why do I suggest the Lakes itineraries?

Although less famous than others lake of the Northern Italy lake district ours lakes are an undiscovered secret by travellers yet boast comparable amazing landscapes and itineraries, but with less crowds! Being off the track of mass tourism allows visitors to live a more authentic experience: walks in the olive groves and in vineyards, a rare chance to glimpse first hand art and architectural treasures, great food and wine tastings.

  • Every itinerary can be tailor made and modified according to the customer needs
  • Private transport available on request
Pictures of Lake Iseo and Lake Endine: the two widest bodies of water near Bergamo.