Bergamo is Taste

The Province of Bergamo boasts a variety of natural environments: mountain grasslands, rolling hills towards lakes, fertile plains rich in water. Thanks to these the local enogastronomic production is a top quality one: 9 PDO cheeses, 3 DOC wines, tasty fresh filled pastas, honey, polenta made with former and original varieties of corn, meat and cold cuts, craft beers.

What are the foodie tours I offer?

The foodie tours I offer are tailor made according to each customer’s taste and number of participants.
I organize visits and tastings to wineries, craft beer production plants, and cheese and dairy farms.
The locations are carefully selected, with a special eye for family owned businesses, with interesting and well-established family traditions. During the visit we’ll learn about the production process, the “secret” recipes, and the passion of those who work in the local food industry. This is the special ingredient that makes our local delis so unique!

I also organize tours in the nearby and popular Franciacorta, leader in production of the best quality italian”bollicine” (sparkling wine).
Or why don’t you combine a little of both art and food into one mini tour – everything is possible you only need to ask!
Even if you only have a short time there are many wonderful local food and wine places worth visiting in the old city itself, where I can organise private tastings in public wine bar or in private houses and other exclusive locations, like a local palazzo!

Why do I suggest a foodie tours?

Food is the culture and history of a place. It embeds you in the local culture and traditions. It’s the colour, the taste, the perfume of a place. I think that one can’t have lived a true and full experience of a land without having tasted the local food.

  • Every itinerary can be tailor made and modified according to the customer needs.
  • Private transport available on request.
In the pictures local production of wine, beer, cheese, polenta…