Bergamo is Romanesque

Discover the places of Romanesque art and architecture, among the most beautiful and best preserved of Europe, scattered around Bergamo upper town, the nearby area called Lemine, the territory among Brembo and Adda rivers and the valleys. Fine examples of Romanesque buildings set within a spectacular natural environment.

Which are the itineraries of Romanesque?

  • Bergamo upper town: here we find the Romanesque Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore and the tower of Gombito, skyscraper of the medieval time.
  • Lemine: in the country between Almenno San Salvatore and Almenno San Bartolomeo is set the Romanesque Park, an internationally recognised, open air Romanesque art museum. Here you can visit the round church of San Tomè and the churches of San Giorgio and San Salvatore, textbook of the Lombard Romanesque style.
  • Val Cavallina: beautiful valley, where lake Endine lays, hosts a number of small country Romanesque churches, scattered in a green and hilly land as San Pietro in Vincoli in Spinone al lago.
  • Valcalepio: in this hilly area covered by vineyards we can find the lovely Sant’Alessandro in Agros and San Giorgio, with its beautiful and rare frescoes.
  • Val Seriana: the benedectine Abbey of Albino, established in 1136.

Why do I suggest the Romanesque itineraries?

These tours allow to combine easy and relaxing walks with interesting artistic discoveries: a journey back to the middle-ages told through the stones of these buildings.

  • Every itinerary can be tailor made and modified according to the customer needs.
  • Private transport available on request.
In the pictures Romanesque churches.