Bergamo is Music

Bergamo has a deep musical connection being the seat of two prestigious theatres, the Teatro Sociale in Città Alta and the downtown Teatro Donizetti.
In late November the city hosts the Donizetti Opera festival, dedicated to the renowned opera composer Gaetano Donizetti, born in Bergamo in 1797. He is considered one of the most important opera composers worldwide and the musical tour offered is dedicated to him.

Bergamo birthplace and inspiration of Donizetti.

Following in the footsteps of the young Gaetano we’ll visit his birthplace house in Borgo Canale, the places where he spent his young days and the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. While a member of the chapel choir he took his first steps into the world of music and and his last steps in his hometown, where he is now buried in the same church.
We’ll walk along the silent streets of the old city following the ideal musical notes of Donizetti’s opera to reach the palace where he died and to visit the Museo Donizettiano, a precious collection of documents, objects and memorabilia of the Master.
At the end of the tour a toast in honor of Donizetti will accompany the tasting of the cake dedicated to him.

Why do I suggest a visit in the footsteps of Donizetti?

Retracing the life of Gaetano Donizetti through the places, the atmosphere, the music that inspired him will allow you to know him and the city from another point of view.
The tour will be performed according to opening hours/days.

  • Every itinerary can be tailor made and modified according to the customer needs
  • Private transport available on request

Pictures of Donizetti’s places, the Theatre, his Birthplace and the cake dedicated to him.