Bergamo is Green

The great thing about visiting Bergamo is that the city is set among the hills of the pre Alps and amidst a protected green area called Parco dei Colli which act as the green lungs of the town. Gardens, vegetable plots, vineyards, paths and woodlands are littered with wonderful mansions and tiny churches. A truly wonderful environment to explore.

How can you get there?

On foot from Colle Aperto in Città Alta (the upper town) or using the San Vigilio funicular.

What can I see?

Going uphill to San Vigilio you can enjoy a gorgeous view of the Città Alta skyline, walking along you can admire the green jewels of the city: gardens and terraced vegetable plots and vineyards created hundreds of years ago by local hill folk.
Wending your way up and down the ancient stone stairs that create a network of linking pathways all across the terraced landscape, you’ll come across many hidden wonders such as the ancient Benedictine monestery of Astino with its traquil summer bar: a lovely spot for a lingering aperitivi on a warm summer’s day

Why do I suggest a walk on the hills?

I think that this area of the city, off the beaten track for most of the tourists and beloved and still “lived in” by the bergamasque citizens, could be a real unexpected surprise for the visitor.
It’s amazing discovering how close nature is to the urban borders and how peaceful and relaxing a tour in the hills is. A pure joy for the spirit far from the noisy traffic!

  • Every itinerary can be tailor made and modified according to the customer needs.
  • Private transport available on request.

Pictures of stone stairways in the Parco dei Colli.