Bergamo is Faith

Our land has always had a strong relationship with faith and the christian catholic religion. There are more than a hundred sanctuaries dedicated to the Virgin, the most famous of which are Nostra Signora del Fonte at Caravaggio and the Cornabusa in Imagna Valley.
The village of Sotto il Monte is the birthplace of Pope John XXIII, who recently became a saint: all these religious places are held in high regard and esteem by believers.

What are the initineraries of Faith?

The first one takes us to Sotto il Monte Giovanni XXIII, to visit the places of the young Angelo Roncalli, who became Pope in 1958.
The tour starts from his Birthplace, a humble farmhouse that shows us the daily life of the young peasant John, then we’ll go to see the church where he was baptized and to end will visit the parish church. Here crowds of pilgrims gather to pray in the Chapel of the Peace, the crypt and the Garden of Peace: these sacred places are imbued with a special sense of spirituality for believers.

The second tour I advise leads us to Caravaggio, a village on the plains.
Here we’ll visit the beautiful sanctuary of Santa Maria del Fonte, built on the spot where the Virgin is said to have appeared in 1432: thousands of pilgrims come here every year to ask for protection and to pray to the Virgin Mary.
The Sanctuary is also worth visiting for its architecture and artistic value.

Why do I suggest the itineraries of Faith?

Because this is another way to experience Bergamo and its surroundings which are littered with abbeys, monasteries, sanctuaries, small and amazing country churches, surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

  • Every itinerary can be tailor made and modified according to the customer needs.
  • Private transport available on request.

Santa Maria del Fonte – Caravaggio